With a decade of publishing experience and a vast network of creative and technical know-how to draw on, Spineless Wonders Audio offers a suite of audio services for indie authors, publishers and other organisations to create audiobooks, audio-dramas, podcasts and geo-locative storytelling.

Who are Spineless Wonders?

Spineless Wonders burst onto the Australian creative scene in 2011, established by the innovative publisher, Bronwyn Mehan. The goal: to become a dynamic, multi-platform publishing company devoted to short, quality fiction by Australian writers.

For ten years, Spineless Wonders has published Australian short fiction in unconventional forms, pushing the boundaries of traditional publishing. From the humble paperback to ebooks, live fiction shows, podcasts, experimental live #storybombing installations, a film festival and literary awards – many were left wondering… what next?

We care about authors

Written words meets Audio

We identified a gap in the publishing market that we could bridge. How can Australian authors transform their work into audiobooks?

We love the written word, but audiobooks can give new dimension to a story and the listener’s reading experience.

With 10 years producing immersive experiences, bringing authors together with producers, sound experts, editors, and actors, we have all the tools to bring an audiobook to life.

And so, the slug came out of its shell – Spineless Wonders Audio was born.