Spineless Wonders Audio brings together the talented artists and individuals we’ve interacted with for the past decade to make up a team with the capacity to deliver high quality and innovative audio projects.


Among our team of narrators, you will find actors who have been part of the long-running live, literary show, Little Fictions as well as narrators whose work we have featured on our radio program, podcasts and multi-media performances. We are also delighted to welcome some new voice actors who have experience in producing audiobooks for adults as well as children, voicing characters in gaming environments and in commercial advertising.


On the production side, you will find sound designers, composers and audio engineers who have worked on many of the Spineless Wonders productions as well as some new, up-and-coming talents. They are passionate about all things sonic and love collaborating with authors to find ways to use sound to enhance storytelling and to create engaging, immersive listening experiences for our audiences.

The production team also includes experienced editors who can work with authors to prepare their manuscripts for audio production and who will quality check the finished recordings before they are cleared for distribution.


And we have experienced theatre-makers who bring their directorial skills to the table, offering advice and feedback on voice acting, sound design elements and audio editing. Our directors perform a key role in casting, drawing on our team of voice actors who are experienced in the art of audiobook narration. Our directors will also work with authors who prefer to do their own narrations and support the preparation of the performance.

Our team also includes graphic artists who can assist with your cover art. Even if you already have a published book, you will need a revised version for your audiobook cover. And for audiobook-only and audio drama productions, we offer cover art.

An indispensable part of the audio production process is distribution and marketing. Our senior publicist, Hannah Oakshott and her team will help you with all-important metadata and with marketing your project. We will devise a promotions plan and help get the word out to reviewers and bloggers.

If you’d like to get involved, contact us