Bronwyn Mehan

BRONWYN is the founder of Spineless Wonders which publishes short Australian fiction on multiple platforms. She looks for innovative ways to connect Australian authors with new audiences, collaborating with artists and organisations engaged in multi-media and performing arts. In 2018, she spent a month in New York as part of a Cultural Fund Publishing Fellowship. She co-produces the Microflix Film Festival and is curator and producer at Little Fictions Productions.

Elizabeth Nabben

ELIZABETH directed and dramaturged The Readers for Belvoir’s inaugural 25A program and was Assistant Director on the multi-award winning Red Stitch production of “Grounded”. Elizabeth has worked as a voice artist since 2011, playing lead voice on an American cartoon called ‘SheZow‘ (Moody St Productions), and the Australian cartoon called ‘100% Wolf’ (Flying Bark/ABC). She directs audiobooks and audio-drama productions.

Martin Gallagher
Lead Sound Engineer

MARTIN is a sound engineer/designer focused in creative media production.  He has a Bachelor of Audio Engineering (Post-Production SAE) and a Bachelor of Performance in Theatre (University of Wollongong. His passion is creating amazing sound for projects, digital or live.

Martin run's Echidna Audio, a sound studio for hire based in Glebe, Sydney.​


Jeffrey Zhang
Lead Sound Designer

JEFFREY is an aspiring sound designer and recent graduate of UTS. He is inspired by multi-modal forms of storytelling, drawing from music and the voice, to visuals, coding and other technologies. Jeffrey works as a sound technician at City Recital Hall, Sydney. In 2020, he was sound designer and audio engineer on My Name Is Revenge and Siarad audiobooks.

Victoria Pham

VICTORIA is an Australian composer, archaeologist, writer and artist. She currently is a PhD Candidate in Biological Anthropology at the University of Cambridge.Pham has been commissioned by a number of institutions such as the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. She has featured in several festivals from VIVID to BLEED. Pham is currently the Artistic Director of FABLE and is the host and producer for the podcast, DECLASSIFY.  Pham has fieldwork experience in Australia, Mongolia and Sri Lanka and Moià.

Emily Hogan
Sound Designer

EMILY is an audio engineer and sound designer with a passion for innovative storytelling through the audio medium. They have worked on a wide variety of projects, including sound design for the stage show p#rnscape for the 2019 Sydney Fringe Festival, and engineering for several podcast series for The Industry Observer, namely One Year Later and Fear at the Top. They are also experienced in sound design for film, and abstract audio art pieces.

Michael Jacenyik
Sound Designer

MICHAEL is an audio editor and sound designer interested in music, art and literature and the telling of unique and marginalised stories. They are a University of Technology Sydney student and will graduate with a Bachelor of Music and Sound Design in 2021. They have previously worked on Little Fictions On Air podcasts and many student films and projects, partnering with students from AFTRS, UTS and Griffith University.

Oliver Agbisit
Sound Designer

OLIVER is a sound designer and audio engineer. He recently worked as microphone technician on Whimsical Productions' 'Theory of Relativity' at PACT theatre, Sydney and is sound engineer for the audiobook version of Carol Major's memoir, Asparagus Wars which is due for release in 2021. Oliver is currently completing a sound production degree at University of Technology Sydney.

Gio Sancho
Sound Designer

GIO is a recent University of Technology Sydney graduate who is currently working freelance in audio engineering, sound design and composition. In the past, he has worked in various projects including film, podcasting, radio and 5.1 surround sound audio. In his spare time, he releases independent music, having his compositions and productions selected to feature in various Spotify editorial playlists. 

Elina Godwin
Sound Designer

ELINA is a Sydney sound designer and music producer who has worked across theatre, radio, podcasts, music composition, performance, and live engineering. She is also the curator for music events at Knox Street Bar, Sydney; a podcast producer; and has done sound design for FBi Radio, Sydney Review of Books and ‘It’s A Long Story’ for Sydney Opera House. 


Elina holds a Bachelor of Sound and Music Design with Honours, as well as a Bachelor of Business, and is also classically trained in viola. Elina combines her classical music training with contemporary electronic production methods to create complex undercurrent soundscapes, experimental composition and meaningful sound design.

Emma Higgins
Audio editor

Emma is an emerging audio producer with a passion for showcasing local voices and stories through audio mediums.

Emma is a Junior Programming and Partnerships Producer at FBi Radio, and edits a weekly podcast for 'Up For It', FBi's breakfast show. Emma was a joint winner in the 2020 Microflix Film festival for Best Sound. She’s a graduate of Music and Sound Design and International Studies at UTS.