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My Name is Revenge

My Name Is Revenge written by Ashley Kalagian Blunt, narrated by Felix Johnson

A literary thriller novella set in 1980s Sydney and drawn from true events, including a series of international terrorist attacks, My Name is Revenge is the story of a young man seeking justice.

My Name is Revenge is published by Spineless Wonders Audio. It was a finalist in the 2018 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award, and shortlisted for the 2019 Woollahra Digital Literary Award. It is narrated by Felix Johnson.


Siarad written and narrated by Caroline Reid with sound design by Jeff Zhang

Siarad is a Welsh word, meaning to talk, to speak. In this collection of spoken word, prose poetry and micro-fiction, Reid speaks to the memories and emotions that move us through decades, continents and cultures.

The collection pulses with images of stars and stray dogs, highways with no horizon and mothers with fading memories. Reid’s background as a performer and playwright shines in this collection of works that are as bold as they are tender, begging to be shouted, spoken, whispered many times over.

Audio Drama

I Hate Crime Fiction

‘I Hate Crime Fiction’ radio play based on short story by Eddy Burger first published in Crime Scenes (Spineless Wonders, 2016)

In this audio drama, we hear many of the talented actors from the long-running live literary show, Little Fictions which is produced by Spineless Wonders. 

This is a radio play adapted from Melbourne writer Eddie Burger’s quirky short fiction of the same name originally published by Spineless Wonders in the anthology, Crime Scenes. The play was recorded at Sydney’s Haymarket Library as part of the City of Sydney’s “Late Night Library Series” in 2017.


Coffee Pod|cast

Coffe Pod|cast Spineless Wonders
Episode 41 Liebestod

Love in a feed store lost in down the rabbit-hole of time. In their final episode, Ali and Emma return to one of their favourite authors, Jon Steiner to discuss ‘Liebestod’ narrated by Joel Horwood. ‘Liebestod’ is published in Jon Steiner’s debut collection, The Last Wilkie’s and other stories (Spineless Wonders, 2016).

Coffee Pod|cast is hosted by Ali Morris and Emma Walsh, two bookworms who love listening to audio-stories. In each episode, they play a microfiction of just a minute in length and then chat about it over their morning coffee. Theme music by James Seymour, Secret Chords Studio.


StoryRoad App [in production]

StoryRoad App prototype presented by Richard Holt

Story Road is a place-based storytelling app curated and produced by Spineless Wonders which maps the continent of Australia with local stories. You’ll be able to key in your route, or rely on your GPS, and be delivered a location-specific fiction soundtrack to your journey. We’ll work with cultural and creative partners to create layers of stories that represent, in great contemporary fiction, all the complexity of country, history and society, mapped against the places you’re travelling through. The stories in this prototype are located on Eora land. The StoryRoad project acknowledges and pays respect to Eora Elders past, present and emerging.